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The Utah ski program has claimed 11 NCAA titles—the last coming in 2017—and 12 national titles all-time in its storied history. The Utes have also produced 75 individual national champions and 35 Olympians.


Martin Bergström ended his career with three NCAA titles, the most of any Nordic skier in Utah history. He claimed both the classic and freestyle titles in 2017, and captured his second classic title in the 10-km event in 2018. He also placed eighth in the men's 20-km freestyle in 2018 to claim his fourth All-America citation.

Guro Jordheim was fourth in both the women's 5-km freestyle and 15-km classic to earn a pair of All-America awards and bring her career total to four.

In her first year at Utah, Mariah Bredal finished seventh in the women's 5-km freestyle for her first career All-America honor. She had eight top 10 finishes on the season.

Bergström and Jordheim were named the male and female RMISA Athletes of the Year, respectively. Bergström had five victories and nine podium finishes in 2018 while Jordheim finished in top four 12 times in 2018.


Ann-Kathrin Breuning led the alpine squad by placing fourth in the giant slalom and 14th in the slalom. She had two podiums and eight top-five finishes in her only year at Utah. Freshman Huston Philp finished ninth in the GS for second-team All-America honors.

Julie Mohagen was the recipient of the Elite 90 award for the 2018 NCAA Skiing Championships. The Elite 90 award is presented to the student-athlete with the highest cumulative grade-point average participating at the finals site for each NCAA Championship. Mohagen has a 4.00 grade point average and is majoring in finance. She is Utah's first Elite 90 award winner in any sport. The junior from Oslo, Norway, is a two-time All-American and was the 2016 NCAA slalom champion.

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Three-time NCAA Nordic champion

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1981 NCAA Champions


Over the past 10 years, Utah skiing has claimed the 2017 national title, three second-place finishes and two third-place finishes at the NCAA Championships.

Utah's 11 NCAA championships rank third all-time. The Utes also won an AIAW title in 1978, bringing their total of national titles to 12.

Utah has claimed won at least one individual title in the last nine NCAA meets, bringing its total to 75 to rank third all-time.

Utah owns the NCAA record for the most individual championships by one school in a season with four Utes combining to win five titles in 1995.

Christl Hager

Utah's Greatest

Martin Bergström won three NCAA championships over the last two years, capturing the 10-km classic and 20-km freestyle in 2017 and repeated in the classic in 2018, to become the most decorated Nordic skier in school history.

Seven Utes have won multiple NCAA championships in the last 14 years: Martin Bergström (10-km classic twice and 20-km freestyle), Miles Havlick (20-km classical and 20-km freestyle), Maria Graefnings (5-km freestyle), Henning Dybendal (10-km free and 20-km classic), Katrin Smigun (5-km freestyle and 15-km classic) and Ben Thornhill (giant slalom).

Two NCAA men's giant slalom champions in the last five years: Endre Bjertness (2016) and Mark Engel (2014).

Two women's alpine national champions this decade: Julie Mohagen (2016 giant slalom) and Eva Huckova (2010 giant slalom).

Nick Cohee finished third in the giant slalom at the 2015 U.S. Alpine Championships.

Mark Engel, the 2014 NCAA giant slalom champion, was selected to the U.S. Ski team.

Veronika Mayerhofer was the 2015 NCAA Champion in the 5-km freestyle. Utah has had five women combine for eight Nordic national titles in its history.

Torin Koos is a four-time U.S. Olympian in cross country skiing (2002, '06, '10, '14). Other recent Olympians include biathlete Annelies Cook (United States – 2014), alpine skiers Chirine Njeim (Lebanon – 2002, '06, '10) and Dominic Demschar (Australia – 2014), and Nordic skier Veronika Mayerhofer (Austria – 2014).

Kathy Kreiner won an Olympic gold medal in the giant slalom for Canada in 1976.

Christl Hager is the only athlete to win the same event three times in Utah history, which also ties the national record. She won the giant slalom in 1994, '95 and '97.

A two-time Olympian, Luke Bodensteiner (1992, '94) currently serves as the Executive Vice President for Athletics for the United States Ski Association.

Marvin Melville won three individual titles in 1959 (downhill, slalom and alpine) tying for the most in one year in NCAA history.

National Champions | Men

10-Kilometer Freestyle

Year  Name
1995 Havard Solbakken
1999 Rune Kollerud
2004 Henning Dybendel

20-Kilometer Freestyle

Year  Name
2013 Miles Havlick
2017 Martin Bergström

10-Kilometer Classical

Year  Name
1989 Hans Sjulstad
1990 Luke Bodensteiner
1993 Luke Bodensteiner
1994 Havard Solbakken
2017 Martin Bergström
2018 Martin Bergström

20-Kilometer Classical

Year  Name
1995 Thomas Weman
2004 Henning Dybendal
2007 Snorri Einarsson
2012 Miles Havlick


Year  Name
1959 Marvin Melville
1962 Jim Gaddis
1979 Per Nicolaysen
1981 Scott Hoffman
1985 Jeff Durtschi
1993 Mark Bonnell
1994 L.-Francois Gagnon
2001 Jernej Bukovec

Giant Slalom

Year  Name
1996 Andrew Hare
2003 Ben Thornhill
2004 Ben Thornhill
2006 Scott Veenis
2014 Mark Engel
2016 Endre Bjertness


Year  Name
1959 Marvin Melville
1960 Jim Gaddis
1962 Jim Gaddis


Year  Name
1965 Matz Jenssen
1966 Frithjof Prydz
1967 Matz Jenssen

Cross Country

Year  Name
1979 Svein Arne Osen
1981 Bernt Lund
1984 John Aalberg
1985 John Aalberg
1986 H.-Martin Sjulstad
1987 Asmund Drivenes

Cross Country Relay

Year  Name
1984 Utah
1986 Utah
1987 Utah


Year  Name
1959 Marvin Melville


Year  Name
1964 Frithjof Prydz
1966 Frithjof Prydz
1967 Bjorn Loken
1976 Kip Sundgaard
1977 Ron Steele


Year  Name
1967 Matz Jenssen

Jim Gaddis

National Champions | Women

5-Kilometer Freestyle

Year  Name
1995 Heidi Selnes
2003 Katrin Smigun
2011 Maria Graefnings
2012 Maria Graefnings
2015 Veronika Mayerhofer

15-Kilometer Classical

Year  Name
1992 Kristin Vestgren
1995 Heidi Selnes
2003 Katrin Smigun


Year  Name
1984 Bente Dahlum
1990 Anke Friedrich
1992 Katja Lesjak
2001 Petra Svet
2003 Lina Johansson
2016 Julie Mohagen

Giant Slalom

Year  Name
1983 Kathy Kreiner
1984 Bente Dahlum
1987 Vibeke Hoff
1989 Anke Friedrich
1990 Anke Friedrich
1993 Karianne Eriksen
1994 Christl Hager
1995 Christl Hager
1997 Christl Hager
2010 Eva Huckova

Bente Dahlum


United States

Name Years
John Aalberg 1992, '94
Luke Bodensteiner 1992, '94
Annelies Cook 2014
Corey Engen 1948
Jon Steven Engen 1988, '92, '94
John Farra 1992
Dev Jennings 1948
Kristina Joder 2002
Peter Karns 1972, '76 (Coach)
Terry Kern 1976
Torin Koos 2002, '06, '10, '14
Margo Walters McDonald 1964
Marvin Melville 1956, '60, '64 (Asst. Coach)
Dick Mitchell 1956
Dick Movitz 1948
Jim Murphy 1952
Marcus Nash 1994, '98
William Allen Spencer 1964, '68; '72 and '84 (Team Leader)
Ron Steele 1972
Kip G. Sundgaard 1976
Sandra Van Ert 1998, 2002
Scott Veenis 2014 (Asst. Coach)
Justin Wadsworth 1994, '98, '02
Ralph Wakley 1968
Anne Jeanette Winn 1948


Name Years
Rowena Bright (Australia) 2002
Dominic Demschar (Australia) 2014
Toril Forland (Norway) 1972
Eva Huckova (Slovakia) 2006
Kathy Kreiner (Canada) 1972, '76 (Gold in GS), '80
Veronika Mayerhofer (Austria) 2014
Chirine Njeim (Lebanon) 2002, '06, '10
Fritjof Prydz (Norway) 1972

Frithjof Prydz was a member of the 1972 Olympic team for Norway and a three-time NCAA champion in the jumping and Nordic events.

Ron Steele

National Team Finishes

Year Combined
2018 4th
2017 1st
2016 3rd
2015 3rd
2014 5th
2013 2nd
2012 2nd
2011 2nd
2010 4th
2009 6th
2008 3rd
2007 4th
2006 8th
2005 3rd
2004 2nd
2003 1st
2002 3rd
2001 4th
2000 4th
1999 4th
1998 2nd
1997 1st
1996 1st
1995 2nd
1994 2nd
1993 1st
1992 3rd
1991 3rd
1990 2nd
1989 2nd
1988 1st
1987 1st
1986 1st
1985 2nd
1984 1st
1983 1st

Year Mens Women
1982 3rd 3rd
1981 1st 4th
1980 2nd 4th
1979 2nd 2nd
1978 5th 1st
1977 5th 2nd
1976 5th 2nd
1975 6th -
1974 12th -
1972 16th
1971 8th -
1967 4th -
1966 5th -
1965 2nd -
1959 4th -
1957 6th -
1956 7th -
1955 7th -
1954 6th -

* The NCAA began sponsoring a combined championship in 1983 following the discontinuation of the AIAW.

Torin Koos